Grocery Shopping

So we have now ventured out to the grocery store several times.

A few observations-

My kid is just as annoying in grocery stores in The Netherlands as at home.

You can buy alcohol in the store and the aforementioned kid might make you more likely to!

Either Americans like to buy big quantities of things or the Dutch like to buy small quantities.  Either way, we either need to buy a lot and try to fit it in our tiny fridge or we have to go to the grocery store a lot (or maybe just eat less…probably wouldn’t hurt some of us!).

Many of the same kinds of things we buy at home are available at the store here.  Some things are not, but thankfully there are some expat stores nearby that carry some of those missing items (and you can have them shipped to the house).

The store closes at 9 and they begin taking some things off of the shelf before that…if you want bread, it better be purchased earlier in the day.

It’s kind of fun to scan all of your items as you put them in the cart and then just pay when you get to the register.

You must take your own bags unless you want to pay or have few enough items to carry (boat with all my bags on it, please hurry up!).

While it is taking some adjusting and attempts to figure it all out, grocery shopping here is possible and it seems none of us will end up starving to death.

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