The Day the Exam Results Came In

Yesterday was a big day for kids in their final year of school in The Netherlands.  It was the day that the results of their national exams came in.  Each student in Dutch schools that is at the end of their secondary school time takes school leaving examinations-some for the school itself and some that are national exams. Everyone that takes the national exams receives a call sometime during the day to let them know whether or not they passed their exam.  If they passed, they fly the flag of The Netherlands outside of their house and hang their backpack with the flag.  This is a celebration of their achievement and to let everyone know that they passed and have completed secondary school.  As we came home from school yesterday, it was apparent that many of our neighbors had received their call because there were several flags and backpacks dotting the street.  Just another different tradition that we have been able to learn about and witness.

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