Zundert Flower Parade

Today, we traveled to a small town near the Belgian border for what is billed as the largest flower parade in the world (I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion as I’m still pretty sure the Rose Parade is bigger).  None the less, this parade was pretty well done with lots of floats made mostly from dahlias that are grown in the area of Zundert.  Much like the Rose Parade, these floats are huge and elaborate with moving parts, sound, and special effects.  Unlike the Rose Parade, some of these floats are dark and bizarre-think The Grim Reaper, demonic, creepy figures and one float that seemed to be depicting an indigenous spirit type religion.



There were a few floats that were a little gentler and cute.



And then there was this one, which I’m not sure if it would fall in the cute or scary category (actually it was a part of a series of floats depicting babies from in utero to walking)!


Finally, there was the quintessential Dutch moment when the band rode by on bicycles.  I’m not sure how they do it, but my guess is that you would only see that in The Netherlands!


And to top it all off, Zundert is the birthplace of Vincent Van Gogh, so we took a quick stroll by the house where he was born.


The weather was comfortable, the floats and bands were fun, and the town was nice for a walk.  All in all, it was a good day!

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