Beach Buming

It took moving across the ocean but we are no longer landlocked!  That’s right, the beach is just 25 minutes from our house.  The first day we went to the beach we checked out Scheveningen, a more touristy beach.  Lots of restaurants and attractions surround the area and we enjoyed eating at the boardwalk while our son played with Dutch and British kids in the sand.  The second day at the beach, we tried an area called The Sand Engine.  This was a more nature-oriented area.  Here we were able to stroll along the water’s edge, collect seashells and rocks and watch people kite surfing.  There were tons of dogs playing in the surf and even a small lake hidden behind the sand dunes.  Between the town and the beach, there were a number of bike and walking trails for exploring the area.  It was a pretty peaceful day (until it was time to go at least), and  I think we could get used to hopping in the car and heading to the beach!


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