Bikes Galore

To say that biking is a way of life in The Netherlands would probably be an understatement.  There are bike lanes everywhere, there are specific rules regarding traffic and bikes and at any time you can see people of all ages biking (not to mention the hundreds of bikes at the bike racks).  And then there is the bike store-I truly had no idea that picking a bike was such a scientific process.  In my mind, you go into the store and you pick a bike that looks nice and is in your price range.  It probably has some speeds but those don’t matter too much because you will mostly pick one and stick with it.  Not here….the store was filled with hundreds of bikes.  The bike salesmen were walking around much like you would find at a car lot.  Their purpose seemed to be to help you test the bike to make sure it is the appropriate fit.  You see, apparently, bikes come in different sizes (frame size and wheel size) based on your height, and there are male and female versions of the bike.  Once you have determined the correct size of bike that you need, you must then have the bike serviced to make sure that the seat is at the right height level so that you can sit up straight, reach the floor but not have your knees come up too high.  And I’m not even going to tell you the pricing levels for bikes (let’s just say it’s much more than the Walmart versions I have purchased at home).  Also, you must buy a heavy duty bike lock and if you want to carry things on your bike you will need a basket, cart or bag.  It was a lengthy process but in the end, we are all now proud owners of Dutch bikes.  Let the biking begin!


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