Technology Is a Life Saver

I am by no means a techie nor am I even a fan of technology at times but I will say that surviving in another country is so much easier with technology.  If we don’t know where to go, we pull out our Google maps or use the navigational system in the car-it will even tell us when a speed cam is coming up.  If we don’t know what something means, we can pull up our translator app and either type in a word or scan an entire area of text and get a translation.  If we are missing someone and want to communicate, we just pick up the phone or computer and reach out through messenger for a video phone call (though some people do need constant reminders that there is a time difference!).  We can watch our American TV shows through Hulu and Netflix here, and if we don’t know what store to go to for a particular item, we can just pull up an online site with translation assist and buy what we need.

I may be no fan of technology but I’m super glad we have it-it may just be what helps us to survive!


*Disclaimer-we have not tried to translate “Where can I find a cheeseburger.”

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