The Container Has Arrived-Oh Happy Day…Right?

So, our belongings have finally arrived!  Watching all of those boxes being loaded into the house was so exciting.  I could hardly wait to open them up and start getting our things out.  All of our stuff was finally here!  But what I didn’t anticipate, was, that with that sense of relief and joy, there was another feeling.  Because as I relished the fact that all of our stuff was here, it also dawned on me that all of our stuff was here, meaning that this was, in fact, a permanent move and not just some temporary trip.  And reality set in.  The joy was tempered with some sadness, proving that you can feel two polar emotions at once.  Are we happy our things are here and will life be much easier with them? Absolutely!  Does that mean that life is easy and every day is positive?  Nope!  Just another part of the misadventure of being an Expat.

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