A Brief Look at Dordrecht

We had a long weekend so we decided to go check out Dordrecht.  Dordrecht is in South Holland and is surrounded by water (three rivers meet here).  On this particular day, the area of the city that we were in felt deserted (we believe because it was a Monday).  There were lots of shops and cafes but nothing was open and very few people were out.  Despite the desolate feel, the area was very charming.

We began at the old church.  From there we stopped by an old city gate from 1625.

dordrecht 1

We strolled along the harbor area and over to the narrowest street in the city.  Interestingly enough, the top is narrower than the bottom because shifting over time has caused the building to lean.




We strolled along some lovely streets and canal areas and ended up at Het Hof.  It is now a museum, but it was once the site of a very important meeting.  Remember William of Orange (otherwise known as William the Silent) from an earlier post?  He was the one murdered in an area of Delft.  Well, when he began his attempt to free The Netherlands from the Spanish occupation, he gathered his fellow revolutionaries at Het Hof to discuss their plans and seal their alliance.

dordrecht 3

Overall, it was a quiet hour or so, but a pleasant, quick excursion.

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