Straight From the Kid’s Mouth

Over the weekend we were speaking to our son about his thoughts on living in The Netherlands.  He told us that he likes it here and his favorite thing about living here is:

1) That he meets people from lots of different places at his school and gets to learn about their cultures and

2) That we can travel to other countries pretty easily.

He enjoys “being with the family and going to places like Belgium” where his favorite things is “eating Belgium waffles.”  He also enjoys going to the park near our house, biking to school and seeing the Politie (police) that use horses.

He did acknowledge that it can be hard and that he has missed friends and family from back home and that adjusting to a new school and classroom was a bit of a challenge at first, but he said it helps that he can talk to his grandmother back home.

Overall, he seems to be enjoying himself and his exposure to new and different things!

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