The First Signs of Spring

Here in Rotterdam, the sun is shining and the temperature has reached into the upper 50’s and that can only mean one thing: the people are out in droves.  The outdoor seating is filled with people, street musicians are out playing and the masses are stopped to listen.  Now don’t get me wrong, the Dutch were never hidden away for fear of the cold and dreary days.  Quite to the contrary, people are out walking and cycling in all sorts of weather, and, regardless of the weather, they still sit outside to dine thanks to portable heaters and blankets on every seat.  But, there were definitely more people out and the mood was definitely lighter and more celebratory on these “first sign of Spring days.”  In fact, it was almost as if everyone had stopped work early on a recent Friday just to sit around the cafes and restaurants, socialize and soak up the sun (which very well may be the case with the Dutch attitude toward personal and family time).  We were able to join the rest of the city in sitting outside for a meal and enjoying some time in the great outdoors by venturing to a park and checking out these Highland cows and their babies.

Who knows what the weather will bring before Spring and Summer are actually here but flowers are blooming, ducks are coupling up (there are going to be lots of babies soon!), people are out and about and the mood is noticeably lighter.  Bring on Spring!


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