Day at the Keukenhof

This past weekend we visited the famous Keukenhof Gardens which is situated among the flower fields of South Holland and is the largest flower garden in the world.  The gardens are only open from mid-March to mid-May (the exact openings dates vary from year to year depending on bloom times).  Our visit was a little early in the season meaning many of the tulips haven’t bloomed yet, but the hyacinth and daffodils were amazing (and the smell of the hyacinths was incredible) as were the flowering trees and even some final crocus.

The park is immense in its outdoor gardens and walking paths but it also has several indoor pavilions featuring orchids, tulips, calla lilies, amaryllis and more.  And, it is situated right next to the flower fields and has several vantage points for viewing them (not to mention the views you get on the drive to the gardens).

And now, I’ll let the flowers speak for themselves!


These are a few of the orchids from the orchid pavilion.  The Flower Power sign is made of orchids.  Also, notice the pattern on the spadix of the calla lily-it reminded us of how amazing and beautiful nature can be even in the tiny details.



Even a bit of whimsy could be found in the gardens.

We also enjoyed the “stepping stone” platforms they had in the pond which allowed us to stand in the middle and take some fun pictures of the trees and clouds reflected in the water.


The gardens also featured a hedge maze, a playground, a petting zoo and a children’s zipline.  In addition, they had this calliope providing some fun 80’s and 90’s music.


And finally, there were the flower fields surrounding the garden. While they were not at their peak with tulips, they were impressive none the less.

Our trip to Keukenhof was definitely a great day with beautiful weather and we look forward to going again in future years!

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