Spring in The Netherlands

Spring appears to be here in The Netherlands.  While it’s taken a little while to convince the sun to come out and stay, it seems like we may finally be on the right track.  Unlike where we are from in the States, the grasses have stayed green here all winter, but now it’s time for the flowers to bloom and the trees and shrubs to bud out.

The flowers are blooming, not just in people’s gardens, but in parks and along roadways.  Many medians have an impressive plethora of daffodil plantings which have been brightening our days even with cloudy skies.

The trees have also been quite beautiful with their pink and white blossoms.

On a recent sunny day, we took a bike ride and came upon many signs of spring blossoming (and one giant sheep!).

Finally, the gardens are starting to come to life as well.

All of these signs of life are a welcome sight here and we can’t wait to see what the coming weeks will bring, but for now, the sun is shining and there are pretty flowers in my yard, so I’m off to enjoy it!

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