Strolling Antwerp

Last weekend we spent a few hours in Antwerp, Belgium.  At just an hour from our house, it’s a quick jaunt to the city.  We decided to follow an itinerary provided to us by an acquaintance, which highlighted some of the architectural and interest points of the city.

Our first stop was the Central Train Station.  It was really a beautiful building and on a Sunday morning, didn’t have too much of the hustle and bustle feel of busier times.

Next up, we strolled through some shopping areas on our way to the former house of the painter Peter Paul Rubens.  The house was not too impressive from the outside but in peeking through the entryway, it was actually very large and had extensive gardens.


We made our way to the cathedral and then to the town hall and the market square in front of it.  20190526_135134


After this, we strolled some of the streets to the river’s edge and then back through some small streets around the market square.  We saw this really cute sculpture and some beautiful carvings in the architecture.



Finally, we stopped for a drink and a snack in The Eleventh Commandment-a very interestingly decorated restaurant and bar.  There were so many religious statues, artworks and other references.  It was quite unique.  They brewed their own beer as well and it was pretty good.


Not a bad way to spend a few hours!

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