Goodbyes Are Hard

Everyone said what an adventure we would have becoming expats and moving to Europe.  And while we have definitely had adventures and amazing experiences, it’s still just the day in and day out business of life most of the time.  And most of the time that is fine-maybe not what you all picture-but it’s good and normal.  However, some days are just hard and sad.  Not knowing what comes next and where “next” might take place is hard, and right now seems to be a time when that is on our mind a lot.  But being in an environment in which you are surrounded by people in this sort of volatile and temporary existence of expats, you find that the worst part, the saddest part, is what happens every year at this time; friends leave and things change.  I am generally not a person who likes change.  I like to make plans for the long term and have stability.  Living as an expat is hard for that type of person, and some days I really am not sure how I am managing it.  But this cycle of watching people that we care about, that have been an important part of our lives, pack up and move on and knowing that it could be the last time we ever see them or that our connection will likely diminish over time is hard and sad and sometimes makes me question what we are even doing in this situation.  I know no one really likes these posts where I don’t talk about the interesting and exciting things we are doing, but this is part of the picture.  Life is hard and choosing to live as expats is hard-it can’t all be adventures and excitement.  And since I started this blog to share this time in our life with you all, I feel like I have to share these parts as well.  So just know that today is a sad day and tomorrow will likely be better.  And to everyone who has been an important part of our lives and experiences,  know that we will always be thankful for our time with you no matter where you are or where we find ourselves.  Because even if we haven’t talked much or seen each other in years, you are still in our thoughts and hearts and you will have a place there forever.

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  1. I appreciate the updates and view into your adventures! While our interactions were based through Leisure Park, I am ever grateful for the moments shared with you and your family. Sending you love from afar! Mendy Schanck


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